How edenMate Christian dating works

You will need to become a member of edenMate to show that you are serious about your commitment to seeking a life partner.   You become a member through registration on the site, which requires a subscription fee. Becoming a member is easy, all you need to do is enter the relevant information. Ceasing to be a member is also easy and can be done in one simple step.   We offer a free trial membership for 5 days to help you decide if this site is for you.

edenMate works to provide you with the best possibility of finding a life partner based on the information you provide us in our questionnaire.  Potential compatible partners will be matched to you based on this information and your answers will also appear on your profile.  You will be able to view the profiles and answers to the questionnaire of potential partners that have been matched to yours through our unique matching system once you become a member.   You will then be able to contact the potential partners through private messages.  What happens after this is up to you.  We advise that you prayerfully consider whom to contact.   You will also have the option of receiving a weekly email of potential matches of profiles you may not have seen should you wish.

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