Statement of faith

  1. We believe in God the Father, in His Son Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world and in the Holy Spirit, our helper and Counsellor.  
  2. We believe that salvation is by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ.  
  3. We believe salvation is available free to all who repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.  It is by accepting this salvation that we are truly able to live the life of righteousness, peace, joy and fulfilment that God intended for us.  
  4. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by the prophets of old. The essential beliefs of the Christian faith and eternal truths are recorded and preserved in His Word.
  5. We believe that the Bible reveals the character of God and His will for the behaviour of men and women today and throughout the history of the world.
  6. We believe that God created, prioritises, and deeply values marriage as the one earthly relationship of prominence second only to that with Himself.