Safety tips

edenMate is completely safe and secure. You can post photos (if you would like), safe in the knowledge that you have control over who can see them and when.

  1.  We will not pass on your details or any information you give us to any third party of any kind.
  2. We work hard to ensure you are kept safe on our site. It is something we care passionately about. However, we also need you to do your bit to look after yourself, your friends and for the wider edenMate community.
  3. Just as with any activity involving meeting new people in any environment, whether at a church, on a course, in a job or at a social gathering job, it is usually very safe. However it is necessary to take care and some precautions. If you take note of the warnings and advice on security, you should be fine. Links here.
  4. It is rare to hear about any kind of violence or assault but general problems people tend to encounter include:
  • ŸNuisance phoning or texting when you no longer wish to have contact.
  • People wanting to take financial advantage, identity theft and immigration.

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