How to be liked

I really like my friend Ayo’s website about attitude and personality and highly recommend it. It’s uplifting and funny and with his permission I have reproduced an abridged version of his post ‘How to be liked’ below. Ayo’s website is

 How to be liked

Some people are just ‘likeable’ – and likeability or otherwise can be an attributing factor to success or failure. So, is your likeability ‘set’ or can you enhance it? 

The best way to answer these questions is by looking at ten characteristics of assumedly likeable people.

Either times of good, or times of bad – always have a positive attitude: It is easy to have a positive attitude when things are good. What if the opposite is the case? Counteract negative thoughts by appreciating some of the positives in your life.

Be passionate about being passionate: Everyone likes people who are engaged in life; people who have a sparkle in their eyes when they talk about something that they like talking about.

Assume the best in others: Always have a mindset, the mindset that everyone is of goodwill.

Keep your insecurities in check: We all have a bit of insecurity; it is only normal and natural. But communicating your own insecurity often is a turn off to a lot of people.

Be a little more flexible: People who are willing to do new things, consider others’ viewpoints, or learn some new skills are generally more interesting and likeable.

Groom and language: If you are like most people, I am sure that you find yourself avoiding people who use toxic language. Grooming also enhances likeability.

The appeal of humility: Genuine humility is very appealing to others. The issue is how do you attain it without being false or fake, and used as a way of generating even more compliments for your achievements or actions.

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